What is your construction management process?

Top Pro Construction LLC has a construction management process consisting of the following five stages from conception to completion:

  • Preliminary inspection and requirement gathering
  • Defining the repairs needed and planning
  • Implementing and execution
  • Project monitoring and quality control
  • Project completion and review

Our team always strives to exceed client’s expectations. Our construction management team has extensive experience and technical expertise in roofing, chimney, siding, gutter, and masonry repair and maintenance services across New Jersey.

Why choose Top Pro Construction LLC?

At Top Pro Construction LLC, our team consists of certified contractors with more than 17 years of experience in providing excellent construction services. Our professionals consider all design solutions to ensure you get the best final results within budget.

Top Pro Construction LLC services are the most preferred choice for clients who want excellence in quality, exceptional craftsmanship, and timely project completion. We specialize in residential and commercial roofing, chimney, siding, gutter, and masonry repair and maintenance services. Our contractors take great pride in providing reliable construction services and ensure 100% customer satisfaction by completing the project as per customers’ requirements.

Why should I hire a licensed construction contractor?

A licensed and experienced contractor is much more knowledgeable in safe construction techniques and safeguarding your property to prevent any potential future issues in advance. A licensed contractor also offers liability insurance to protect you, your family, and your home. Liability insurance is security from bodily and personal injury and property damage that could occur during your construction, repair, and renovation.

What can I do to help with prompt project completion?

At Top Pro Construction LLC, we take care of all your project requirements from the initiation to the project completion phase. However, you can always help us speed up the project completion by removing the clutter or moving your stuff until the project’s completion and providing us space for construction without any restrictions. Our team would take care of all the repair requirements and ensure the project is completed within the stipulated time period.

How long would it take to complete my project?

The project completion depends on the specific requirements of your construction project. The completion period can vary depending on whether the project is small scale or large scale. We specialize in ensuring on-time project completion of all kinds of residential and commercial projects.

Our professional contractors would make sure to walk the clients through every step of the project and give them a clear picture of what to expect at the project completion. The project completion may take longer depending on the complexity of your building design and construction needs. You can schedule a free assessment with our experts to get an estimated project completion timeline.

What can I expect during construction?

Whether you want to get chimney, siding, or masonry repairs, gutter cleaning, and or roof maintenance services, our team always starts the process by conducting a comprehensive assessment of your property’s condition. Our contractors take their time explaining all the possible project repair options and provide an estimated quote before starting the construction.

Our team will be strategically placing all our equipment in a way to accelerate the construction process. Naturally, your home would feel messy during the construction. However, our team always try their best to minimize any convenience as much as possible. We also keep the client updated throughout the construction process regarding the progress status.

How do you determine the cost of repairs?

We first conduct an assessment of your repair requirements. We would provide an estimated quote based on the assessment and construction goals and preferences. The detailed estimated quote would give you the accurate project cost evaluated as per different repair options. You can choose the one that best suits your budget and repair preferences.

Do you also take care of all the permit requirements for construction?

We understand that many construction projects may require a permit, depending on the location and specific project requirements. Based on the project specifications, our team would obtain the relevant construction permits, handle inspections, and ensure that the job is done according to the appropriate construction codes and regulations.

What kind of construction material do you utilize?

At Top Pro Construction LLC, we utilize the highest quality industrial-grade material for all our construction projects. We use a wide range of concrete, wood, metals, stones, brick, and other construction materials as per your specific project requirements for roofing, chimney, siding, masonry repairs, and maintenance. We ensure to use eco-friendly and environmentally low-impact material in our construction projects.

If you are looking for specialized roofing, chimney, siding, masonry, or gutters installation, repair, or maintenance services in Bergen, NJ, get in touch with our certified contractors today!

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